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1. Hospital Marketing Methodologies

In today’s market, hospitals are under tremendous competitive pressure across the country, and regulatory interventions are expanding. Furthermore, there is a rising distrust between the patient population and healthcare providers.
You talk about today’s patient, who is much more demanding and discriminating about what he or she expects from a healthcare provider, and hospitals are battling to boost their revenues in this challenging circumstance.

In such a case, an efficient hospital marketing plan is required to assist build the patient base in a sustainable manner. When we talk about hospital marketing and sales, we don’t just talk about smart planning and data analysis; we also talk about execution because we believe that execution is what makes a huge difference, which is why whenever we work on a hospital marketing project, we act as their marketing department.

When we say hospital marketing, we mean a wide range of activities. It begins with recognising your distinction in relation to the target audience, and it is critical for us to understand and identify how you distinguish from the competition on a long-term basis.

We’ve assisted our healthcare clients with,

  • Positioning
  • Developing a Communication Strategy
  • Media planning for advertising
  • Marketing via the internet
    Using Public Relations

Why is Medium Healthcare Important?

Through unique hospital marketing ideas and tactics, we have helped hospitals achieve considerably greater financial performance. We assist in the development of high-impact hospital marketing strategies that provide an effective method to improve patient experience and create a toolset to increase process efficiency and save expenses.

More importantly, our unwavering emphasis on execution guarantees that we have an immediate and long-term effect. Here are some representative instances of work completed as part of our customers’ hospital marketing strategies:

Our Contribution

As the selected hospital marketing agency, we have assisted in

• Defining and implementing a marketing and sales strategy for a big hospital group; and
• improving patient experience with quantifiable and sustainable outcomes for a large multispecialty hospital in Eastern India.

As the selected hospital marketing agency, we have assisted in

• Creating an innovative healthcare delivery model as part of a growth strategy for a leading healthcare services provider in Africa.

• Creating an innovative healthcare delivery model as part of a growth strategy for a leading healthcare services provider in Africa.

2. Pharmaceuticals

Our Point of View

The Indian pharmaceutical business has developed from strength to strength over the previous five decades, establishing an impressive worldwide presence. The industry is undergoing structural changes as a result of rising interest in biosimilars and a shift in focus from infectious diseases to noncommunicable diseases. Companies have recognised that the days of “low hanging fruit” are passed, and many are attempting to develop innovative cures in less-crowded therapeutic areas. Innovative physician and patient outreach initiatives, particularly those that use digital media, are becoming more frequent.

What We Do

Medium Healthcare Consulting has worked on a variety of market research and insights projects for some of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical firms, both in India and abroad. The ultimate goals have ranged from Go-To-Market Strategy to Growth Strategy, India Entry Strategy, and Communication Strategy. Our strong institutional and KOL connections, as well as our extensive healthcare knowledge, provide us a competitive advantage. Our diversified team of senior consultants perform all of the research on their own, assisting in the generation of valuable, actionable insights for some of India’s largest pharmaceutical companies.
We’ve worked in a variety of therapeutic areas, including gastroenterology, cardiovascular illness, nephrology, diabetes, dentistry services, and innovative therapy areas including burns treatment.

Some illustrative examples

• Go-to-Market Strategy for an Indian Pharma MNC
• Launch sales story for an ultra-long acting insulin, for a global Diabetes Major
• Growth Strategy for a Nephrology drug facing slow growth
• Growth Strategy for an existing Gastroenterology drug
• Brand Planning for an existing drug widely used in Dentistry
• Perception Mapping and Indication extension for an existing Diabetes drug
• Development of a growth story for an undifferentiated medicine in the Cardiovascular segment
• Development of Communication Messaging for Multi-Channel Marketing
• Development of a Channel Effectiveness Strategy for an OTC drug

3. Clinics

Clinics in Our Opinion

Given the fledgling nature of the category, clinics or outpatient facilities in general must identify a clear need and provide a compelling value proposition to their target audience. The scenario is the same across all forms, whether general care, chronic care, or specialist services. Because scaling up entails the establishment of many stores, consistency across various contact points becomes critical in order to ensure brand integrity.

What We Do

With an executable plan, we assist our clinic customers in developing the best scaling up approach. We also assist with the development of high-impact marketing and sales strategies, provide effective approaches to improving patient experience, and provide a toolset to increase process efficiency and minimize costs. More importantly, our unwavering emphasis on execution guarantees that we have an immediate and long-term effect.

Some Instances to Illustrate

• Developing a Scaling Up Strategy that includes a model for a network of diabetes care facilities
• Defining and implementing a high-impact marketing and sales strategy to generate considerable revenue growth
• Assisting in the roll out plan for a network of dermatological and cosmetic surgery centers

4. Medical Supplies and Equipment

Our Point of View

Aside from its sheer size, the Indian market is very varied in terms of disease patterns, healthcare access, and demography. Companies offering these various marketplaces must tailor their solutions to each segment. Healthcare is also a complicated maze of varied stakeholders, including promoter owners, physicians, chief executive officers, referring physicians, biomedical engineers, insurance companies, government regulators, and patients. Each of these stakeholders is an influencer with a distinct set of needs. In an increasingly complicated environment, it is critical to fulfill the requirements of all stakeholders.