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We are a cutting-edge healthcare consulting firm that offers one-of-a-kind branding, coaching, and repositioning solutions to a wide range of stakeholders in the virtual healthcare industry.

Sustainable differentiation is at the core of a successful healthcare delivery business model. Healthcare services currently available in the country, as we know, suffer from wide disparities, ranging from geographical access to affordability and quality. This ever-challenging environment offers the potential for a myriad of opportunities for newer healthcare delivery models.

We help our clients arrive at niche opportunities, which are aligned with their end-goals and offer significant scope for differentiation and scalability.  Backed with a nuanced understanding of the healthcare landscape, our approach encompasses rigorous research and analysis undertaken by our senior team. Once we arrive at a consensus with the client on the shortlisted ‘window of opportunity’, we define the nuts and bolts and prepare a comprehensive blueprint, which can potentially serve as the ‘manual’ for implementation.

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LHG is one of the leading healthcare market research and insights firms in Asia with in-depth knowledge of various facets ranging from overall business and service delivery to marketing and sales. Having conducted a large number of challenging market research projects for leading pharmaceutical companies, global equipment & device manufacturers and several corporate hospitals, we offer a proven track-record of being able to deliver extremely relevant and actionable insights. We are relentlessly focused on helping our clients enhance their competitive edge in the marketplace and gain disproportionately high market share.

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Right pricing strategy coupled with effective communication can not only help bridge the price-value perception gap but also act as a lever for higher returns. To deliver high-impact healthcare marketing strategy, we focus on the right messaging, simple yet significant creative and effective media choices. It helps us ensure that investment in advertising for our client’s yields desired an increase in revenue and profitability. With our in-depth knowledge of emerging media options and ‘what makes the millennial tick’, we have created trend-setting marketing campaigns. We have observed how the absence of product-focused sales, and of training and selling tools tend to compromise sales force effectiveness. We have helped achieve dramatic impact in sales channel results through a well-executed multi-pronged strategy.

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Word-of-mouth referrals can potentially be the most important, and also the least expensive channel for acquiring new customers. It is well-established that the overall experience of a patient and his family gets impacted by multiple factors, which are not limited to just clinical outcome. When clinical outcomes achieve a near parity situation, focus on patient experience can be the true differentiator. In the backdrop of strongly aligned management focus, we begin with a simple and effective measurement metric and devise mechanism for operational integration. Our rich experience in tools such as Net Promoter Score, our uncanny ability to get customer insights and our high-impact execution capabilities have helped us plan and deliver remarkable results in patient experience improvement on a sustained basis.

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As a healthcare business, you probably know that keeping up with digital transformation in healthcare can feel overwhelming. Deciding which emerging technologies are worth investing in and getting your team on board with change is often the hardest part. Look, adapting to the digital era requires a shift towards a flexible and risk-taking mindset.

It means letting go of outdated business processes and trusting that disruption will yield big results. Before we dive deeper into this topic, a quick recap. Digital transformation in healthcare is the positive impact of technology in healthcare.

Here’s why: Telemedicine, artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled medical devices, and blockchain electronic health records are just a few concrete examples of digital transformation in healthcare which are completely reshaping how we interact with health professionals, how our data is shared among providers and how decisions are made about our treatment plans and health outcomes.

Innovation is the name of the game here, with the main goal of streamlining physicians’ work, optimizing systems, improving patient outcomes, reducing human error, and lowering costs through amazing web and mobile experiences.

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Artificial Cilia Could Someday Power Diagnostic Devices

Source:Cornell University Summary: Researchers have now designed a micro-sized artificial cilial system using platinum-based components that can control the movement of fluids at such a scale. The technology could someday enable low-cost, portable diagnostic devices...

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